Welcome! I’m Christian Darkin, an international animal artist based in the UK.

Every pet has a unique story, a distinct personality, and an essence waiting to be captured on canvas. I invite you to explore the options below and find the perfect style to immortalize your cherished companion. If you feel a connection or have any queries, don’t hesitate to drop me an email.

Let’s collaborate to create a bespoke portrait that truly celebrates your pet’s spirit.

Option 1

Stunning hand painted original:
 acrylics on 
stretched canvas

Hand painted in high quality acrylics on stretched canvas:

A stunning A3 artwork, ready to hang with or without a frame.

A treasured memory: £150

Option 2

Lovely Colourful Handpainted 
 and watercoloursketch

Hand painted watercolour and ink sketch

Original artwork on high quality watercolour paper (A4):

The perfect Gift £60

Option 3

Unique, Fun
AI art print 
One of a kind in any style.

Artificial Intelligence assisted portrait.

High quality glicee art print (A4)


Some examples of my work…